Diamonds are a runner’s best friend

At the moment the sun comes up at around 8.15 – not great for pre-work running, but perfect for a weekend jog. Today I headed back to Brent River Park, the gorgeous canal-side space I stumbled on the other day for the final run of this section of Couch to 5k.

Today was not the crisp, blue morning of Thursday’s outing, but a grey, damp day, heavy with rain shed overnight, and decidedly damp underfoot. After getting to the park I chose a different route to the one I took before, heading away from the formal bandstand bit and deeper into the briars, towards the canal.

It was decidedly squidgey underfoot, and much warmer than my last visit, but I made good progress – even though this track had a few more ups and downs than I’m used to! It’s a wonderful place to run, though – you completely forget that you’re in London. Today I saw rabbits, and birds that aren’t pigeons (including a very brave Great Tit that sat and watched me as I took photos of my surroundings).

While the pretty frost had long since melted away, the park was very pretty in the aftermath of rain; all the bushes were spangled with water droplets, so that the twigs looked like they were strung with tiny fairylights, and sad clusters of what had been flowers were transformed into glittering diamond chandeliers. A magical sight.


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