About the Twins



Carly studied Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic at Cambridge University, where she discovered a passion for dead languages, mead, and Gilbert and Sullivan. After graduation – and a brief brush with news journalism – she was employed as a researcher for Time Team and Horrible Histories, and now writes for a popular archaeology magazine. Other interests include am-dram, playing the ukulele, and tea. Lots of tea. An unashamed bookworm, she also loves museums, musicals, and making her own clothes.






Emma is an actress, currently temping in Harrods, and also runs a successful children’s birthday party business on the side. Now back in London after being away on a theatrical tour for most of 2014, Emma is thrilled to be reunited with her partner in crime in their favourite city. Particular interests include zoos, theatre, knitting, and baked goods. Emma hopes that eventually this blog will become so successful that people will send her cake to review.












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