The call of the wild

I’m definitely enjoying running in my new park – it feels so much like jogging in the countryside at home, or out on one of my Brancaster walks. You can’t even hear traffic once you get deep  into the briar-lined trackways, just the scrunch of your feet on sandy dirt paths, your own breathing, and birdsong. And it’s great fun to see animals that aren’t dogs and pigeons – today’s ‘wildlife’ (well, as wild as London gets!) count included three rabbits, a robin, and a great tit – lovely.

It was a bit of a mizzly morning – but as my rehearsal time for today had been put back by an hour (making an 8.30 outing plausible as I now didn’t have to leave the flat till 10), and I’d woken up in a pretty low mood, I made myself get out there.

I’m glad I did – running always makes me feel better. Annoyingly the podcast for week 2 of C25k seems to have disappeared from my iPod, so I did one last repetition of week 1, but that really is feeling too easy now, a bit boring, even. Since starting up again post Christmas I’ve made up for it by running the 5 minute ‘cool down’ walk on my way home, to push myself a bit more, but I think it’s definitely time to push myself a bit harder – I think on my next outing I’ll play week 4, or maybe even the first run of week 5.


Alternating 3 and 5 minutes of walking and running shouldn’t be too tough if I’m managing to run 5 minutes home, I hope! I’d also like to get Zombies, Run! going again at some point; I bet the new park with its winding paths and high hedgerows that mean you can’t see far round the corner would be a very atmospheric place to play.

Today, I took the wilder canalwards track again, and went a bit further along it than I did last time. I really haven’t explored very far yet, though; by the time I get to the park using week 1’s programme, you only get to do a couple of runs and walks before it’s time to turn around (unless you want to give yourself a long, slow walk home!). Hopefully once I’m doing runs with longer intervals of jogging I’ll cover more ground, though, or on a less time-pressured day I could do a couple of bonus intervals to travel further – I’d love to explore this space a bit more.

I’m really happy to have fitted three runs into this week – mindful of my upcoming 5km in May, my New Year’s resolution is to do at least two outings a week, more if possible, so three is really good. One was on a working from home day, so we’ll see if I end up going back to two, but it’s a good start! Having such a cool new place to run definitely helps my motivation – I guess I’m hearing the call of the wild.

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