Emma’s Wish List


My Day Job between acting jobs is temping in various big department stores around London – Harrods, Harvey Nichols, John Lewis/Debenhams/House of Fraser on Oxford St – on a huge range of counters. I’ve worked for some fabulous luxury brands, and this is a compilation of some of my favourite things from the counters I’ve worked on. I’ll keep updating it as I see more. If any Blog Fairies are listening, I would love to have any of these…

6th January – Handbag sale at Harvey Nichols

I was technically working on the Marc Jacobs handbag counter, but also helping to man the sales department. These were my favourite bags:

8th January – O.P.I nail varnish at John Lewis, Oxford St


Beautiful bright colours! My particular favourites are at the front









9th January – Fig Candle from Diptyque


The most fabulous scented candle! Warm, rich and sweet, I would LOVE to have one of these!










 14th January – Burberry Trench Coat, Harrods


So stylish!











15/01/15 – Ridiculously stunning corset by La Perla, Harrods

I don’t even know when I’d wear this, but Oh My Gosh it’s beautiful!



27/01/14 – Limited Edition ‘Year of the Goat’ Clarisonic Aria

I would love a Clarisonic and this one is so cute! I love the autumnal leaves and bright colours.




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