Review: Haunted London

Our first London Walks outing of the set was a ghost walk, on a slightly incongruously sunny August evening. But no matter; what the alleyways lacked in gloomy atmosphere, our guide Corinna – a chirpy lady in black lace gloves, prone to breaking into snatches of songs themed around the stories we had just heard, which she ended with a self-deprecating duck of the head and a brisk ‘tra la’ – more than made up for.

Walking beside the river, through the colourful arcades of Leadhall Market, around London’s Guildhall, and along the concrete walkways of the Barbican Centre (where we almost – but not quite! – spoilered a stretch of Roman Wall that CT had planned to show ET later – read our post about this visit here), we visited a ruined church and heard about demons perched on buildings. The city’s Roman amphitheatre, plague burials, animal ghosts, and the perils of pretending to be dead.

An engaging and entertaining walk, we stayed out long enough to still be walking as the sun began to dip and shadows lengthened. Suddenly the stories we were hearing all seemed a little bit more real – too real!

A gorgeous view of the Shard, and a seriously spooky building that we encountered during the walk.

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